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The shimmering and captivating Lake Havasu City is nestled in Mohave County, Western Arizona. It is a thriving city, home to over 54000 people, and well known for its base for trials that is near a desert and water sports on the Lake Havasu and offers most residence with a sparse suburban feel with great homes. Some houses are undergoing some decaying roof slates and rotting lumber.

Our roof restoration services have dealt with many home owners in Lake Havasu City that is in need of emergency roof repair after bad weather conditions or high winds. If you are concerned about your roof’s deteriorating condition, please get in touch and let us help you to see what will be the best action to take regarding you house roof.

Roof Replacement costs in Lake Havasu City, AZ have slowly increased over time during the last couple of years and averaging about 7500 dollars for a full roof replacement. The lowest cost is falling just under 6000 dollars and the highest cost at 8500 dollars.

Our Residential Roof Replacement Process

It is essential that whenever you are replacing your roof that you need to make sure that the job is done professionally and in a safe manner. Several steps is involved to ensure this process goes smoothly and done correctly. The fact that you are reading this article shows me that you must be interested in doing a roof replacement and should be aware of these steps you must take for your roofing job.

Roof Tear-off:

A roof tear-off is when an old roof and new roof gets installed altogether. It’s usually the case with a lot of older houses we have found in Lake Havasu City, where their lumber has rotten beyond repair. This process can take quite a lot of time, and quite often the homeowner or occupant of the house should find alternative accommodation during this roof tear-off procedure. If we find that you roof has been previously overlaid, then it will be a smart move to rather choose to replace it and get a complete tear-off done.

Roof Overlay:

If your house have did not suffer such extensive roof damage, then we might choose to overlay your roof with new roofing slates. Commonly this is the route that many roofing specialists take at first in order to save the roof’s structural integrity. It is a much more cost-effective option, but great care needs to be taken when performing this roof overlay job because you may risk the roof’s integrity, and if this is a major factor, then the roofing overlay procedure will not be performed.

Will I be able to use my Home Insurance to cover the cost?
Well, it depends on your type of home insurance policy as many insurance providers do in fact cover some part of the cost for roof replacement. It will depend on exactly how the damage occurred and if you did in fact include it within you insurance cover premium. If you are not sure, then rather get in touch with your home insurance company to find out what is covered for your specific homeowners insurance policy and what options they have available for you.

Lake Havasu City Roofing offers a variety of roof replacement services which involves refurbishing and refitting roofs using a range of materials. Reach out to our roofing pros and we will help you to making an informed decision to keep you roof in the best condition.

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